Solar cells can actually perform better in colder temperatures. Higher Efficiency.
Need to consider all materials’ durability of your solar panel kit. Like legs, mounting, glasses etc.

Daily light Time

Shorter sunlight time. Less energy produced in one day. Longer sunlight time would help produce more energy.

Challenges of Snow

Help reflect light

If snow covers your panels,  there is a decrease in power production, it was only as high as a ~15% reduction at its worst. – but it’s easy to clean them off with the right equipment. Solar panels need sunlight to produce power, so if your solar panels are covered in snow, they will not generate electricity. Most panels are tilted at an angle, so snow will slide off on its own accord, but that can take time. You can take control of the situation by getting a solar panel snow rake or similar tool made for solar panel snow removal that won’t damage the panels.
Will solar panel be damaged by heavy snow? All solar panels are designed to bear a certain amount of weight – and snow will usually not be heavy enough to cause issues.

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