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ACOPOWER P15A Rechargeable Car Fridge Freezer

ACOPOWER P15A Rechargeable Car Fridge Freezer


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ACOPOWER P50 Portable Compressor Fridge Freezer for Home/Car/RV/Boat, DC 12V/24V AC 110V (52 Quarts)


ACOPOWER 111Wh Portable Solar Generator Battery

ACOPOWER P15A Rechargeable Car Fridge Freezer

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Quick Overview

  • Capacity: 16 Quart; with 173wh built in Lithium Ion battery, solar charger, LG compressor, Fluoride-free Insulation
  • A Cooler or freezer- adjustable temperature inside to work as either freezer or cooler, 40 mins quick cooling to -4°F
  • Three ways of charging: AC, Car (Max 4 hours fully charge), or choose the solar panel from 5V - 40V and Max 120W, the optimum fully charging takes 2 hours with ACOPOWER 120W Solar Panel (Adapters included)
  • One full charge of the battery powers 20 hours in 0℃/32℉ setting; LCD Display-Easy control and monitor. Multiple setting for different needs.
  • Excellent new product in 2018 CES show for camping, fishing and off-grid temperature control storage; USA based company in solar industry, an outdoor camping power solution supplier



ACOPOWER 15L Soar Fridge Freezer is our innovative product with build-in lithium battery, rechargeable with solar panels, car port and wall outlet. It is integrated with our technology of solar charging controller, battery management system and controlling system of compressor.

ACOPOWER P15A Rechargeable Car Fridge Freezer

Key Features of ACOPOWER P15A

Ø Compressor fridge freezer, true freezing down to -4F (-20℃)) with LG Compressor, used for standard refrigeration as well as for freezing, no ice-ever

Ø Lithium fridge-freezer, 173Wh built-in lithium battery operated compressor over 10 hrs at 32℉/0℃ or 6 hrs at 14℉/-10℃, stay off the power grid, car port or generators when you’re camping, RVing, or at the beach

Ø Rechargeable fridge freezer, rechargeable with solar panel, car port or wall outlet to make it move seamlessly from home to vehicle to destination with no limitation of static electrical power sources. Innovation of built-in battery and solar charging technology. All operated on 12V built-in lithium battery, 12/24 Volts DC or 120 Volts AC (universal MC4 connectors of solar panel, 12/24V DC car port and 120V AC cords included)

Ø Portable fridge freezer, lightweight and easy to move

Ø Reliable fridge freezers, 3 stage car battery protection system to prevent car battery run down when connected with car port. LG compressor and vibration resistant design to protect device while driving on road. Safe to run on angles up to 45°from horizontal—great for 4WDing

Ø Green fridge freezer, solar powered, quiet operation and high efficiency LG compressor with adjustable ECO and HH modes, fluoride-free Insulation

Ø Friendly fridge freezer, USB port for charging smartphones, iPad or small electronic devices, digital control panel with electronic temperature control and settings control

Rechargeable & Portable Lithium Fridge/Freezer

  • Capacity: 16 Quart (15 Liter), fits 16 cans of Cola
  • True-freezing: refrigerate or freeze to -4F/(-20℃) with LG Compressor, no ice-ever
  • Lithium-powered: 173Wh built-in Lithium battery, stay off the grid, car port or generators
  • Rechargeable: solar charge (5-40V), 12/24V DC or 120V AC charge
  • Portable: easy to move anywhere
  • Green: solar powered, only 45w consumption of DC or AC power, fluoride-free Insulation

Convenient Charge and Flexible Temperature

  • Convenient Charge with Solar or DC/AC
  • Solar Charge: 12-50V regular solar panel. About 4 hours with 100w solar panel in sunshine. It is your Sun-Powered Freezer!
  • DC Power: 12/24V DC outlet, car port. Enjoy the cool drinks at driving!
  • AC Adapter Charger: 120-240VAC. Your 2nd convenient refrigerator at home and garden!
  • Refrigerator or Freezer
  • Refrigerator (0°C ~10°C): Eggs, butter, milk, bottled drink, fruit and vegetable
  • Freezer (-20 °C~0°C): Meat, fish, shrimp, corn, beans, Ice cream

Convenient for Your Cool Life

Additional Information

Battery Battery
Capacity Quarts 16 Quart
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  1. The seller is really sweet for writing me a thank you letter review by Kewei Zhou on 7/9/2018

    This product is one of their newest ones in the market, so they are asking me to write a more comprehensive review and report issues it may need for improvement. The seller is really sweet for writing me a thank you letter, but since it is a gift to a friends, I asked for his comments and put them below:

    I have always wondered how I could place a mini fridge inside my car. I would like to store things and keep them cool, even after the engine has been turned off. Before finding this product, I was unable to find a fridge that was small enough to fit in my vehicle and that didn't require to be continuously connected to power. I researched ARB and Dometic. Like this one, theirs is also good for keeping items cool or even at freezing point. However, their model must be continuously connected to an external power source like AC wall outlet, or car battery, or a power bank/station for it to keep cool.

    I am so happy to have found this particular fridge, and it weighs only about 20 pounds. The size of this fridge is a perfect fit for the middle seats of my Toyota Sienna minivan. It sits nicely and even adds accent to the inside. The battery of this fridge is quite compact, and unlike the other products that don't have the battery, this one lets me continue using the fridge without having to worry about draining the battery of my car or having to look for a wall outlet to power it. The battery powers the fridge and lasts quite a long time.

    It saved space in my minivan because no ice needed to keep things cool.

    The compressor is quiet, sometimes it has a starting sound, a slight buzzing but it is barely noticeable.

    Also, the user manual says that a solar panel can charge it. I'm still not sure how that should work, but I will definitely figure out how I can recharge it with a solar panel so that I can keep it running longer when I go camping with friends.

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