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ACOPOWER P40A Outdoor Solar Freezer and Cooler, Fridge 4°F Solar/AC/Car Charging Battery and Compressor Built-in (42 Quart)

ACOPOWER P40A Outdoor Solar Freezer and Cooler, Fridge 4°F Solar/AC/Car Charging Battery and Compressor Built-in (42 Quart)


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ACOPOWER P40A Outdoor Solar Freezer and Cooler, Fridge 4°F Solar/AC/Car Charging Battery and Compressor Built-in (42 Quart)

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Quick Overview

  • ⛱ Capacity: 42 Quart (40 Liter), fits 64 cans of Cola
  • ⛱ True-freezing: refrigerate or freeze to -4F/(-20℃) with LG Compressor, no ice-ever
  • ⛱ Lithium-powered: 173Wh built-in Lithium battery, stay off the grid, car port or generators
  • ⛱ Rechargeable: solar charge (12-40V) Max 120W, 12/24V DC or 120V AC charge
  • ⛱ Portable: easy to move anywhere with portable trolley & wheels; Green: solar powered, only 45w consumption of DC or AC power, fluoride-free Insulation; USA Company in 7 years solar related business; warranty fulfilled in USA



ACOPOWER 40L Soar Fridge Freezer is our innovative product with build-in lithium battery, rechargeable with solar panels, car port and wall outlet. It is integrated with our technology of solar charging controller, battery management system and controlling system of compressor.

ACOPOWER P40 Rechargeable Solar Fridge Freezer

Key Features of ACOPOWER P40

Ø Compressor fridge freezer, true freezing down to -4F (-20℃)) with LG Compressor, used for standard refrigeration as well as for freezing, no ice-ever

Ø Lithium fridge-freezer, 173Wh built-in lithium battery operated compressor over 10 hrs at 32℉/0℃ or 6 hrs at 14℉/-10℃, stay off the power grid, car port or generators when you’re camping, RVing, or at the beach

Ø Rechargeable fridge freezer, rechargeable with solar panel, car port or wall outlet to make it move seamlessly from home to vehicle to destination with no limitation of static electrical power sources. Innovation of built-in battery and solar charging technology. All operated on 12V built-in lithium battery, 12/24 Volts DC or 120 Volts AC (universal MC4 connectors of solar panel, 12/24V DC car port and 120V AC cords included)

Ø Portable fridge freezer, lightweight and easy to move with trolley and wheels

Ø Reliable fridge freezers, 3 stage car battery protection system to prevent car battery run down when connected with car port. LG compressor and vibration resistant design to protect device while driving on road. Safe to run on angles up to 45°from horizontal—great for 4WDing

Ø Green fridge freezer, solar powered, quiet operation and high efficiency LG compressor with adjustable ECO and HH modes, fluoride-free Insulation

Ø Friendly fridge freezer, USB port for charging smartphones, iPad or small electronic devices, digital control panel with electronic temperature control and settings control

True-Freezing no ice-ever

  • Capacity: 42 Quart (40 Liter)
  • True-freezing LG Compressor
  • Only 45w consumption of DC or AC power, fluoride-free Insulation
  • Refrigerator (0°C ~10°C): Eggs, butter, milk, bottled drink, fruit and vegetable
  • Freezer (-20 °C~0°C): Meat, fish, shrimp, corn, beans, Ice cream

Lithium-powered and Rechargeable

  • Lithium-powered: 173Wh built-in Lithium battery, stay off the grid, car port or generators
  • Rechargeable: solar charge (5-40V), 12/24V DC or 120V AC charge
    1. Solar Charge: 12-50V regular solar panel. About 4 hours with 100w solar panel in sunshine. It is your Sun-Powered Freezer!
    2. DC Power: 12/24V DC outlet, car port. Enjoy the cool drinks at driving!
    3. AC Adapter Charger: 120-240VAC. Your 2nd convenient refrigerator at home and garden!

Convenient for Your Cool Life

Additional Information

Battery Battery
Capacity Quarts 42 Quart
  1. Draws a lot of power in DC 12v (too much) review by ryan holt on 7/23/2018

    So far I’m happy with my cooler. the first night of use after fully charging, I Set the temp to 4 degrees Celsius around 6:00 pm, I’m now writing this review at 10:00 am the next morning and the cooler is still on and cooling to 4 degrees. I was so impressed that the compressor/battery combo really does last a while. So far the only thing that bugs me is just how much power the unit tries to pull when charging via dc 12v. I have several very high quality solar power generators, and almost every single on was unable to charge the cooler. 12v at 5 amps wasn’t enough, the only unit that could charge the cooler has a max output of 12v 10a, but if the cooler charges anywhere close to 12v 7-10a then the battery bank will be drained extremely fast. I will update my review as time goes on. So far so good, I just wish that considering its marketed for off grid that it had a low power eco charge option not just eco running option. If I need a bunch of electricity to charge this unit then how “off grid” can it really be.

  2. Cool quickly and charge quickly! review by ACOPower Customer on 6/12/2018

    I saw this rechargeable cooler while I attended the CES show in Las Vegas. I was impressed by the great idea of a battery and solar powered freezer. It cools very quickly, in about 20 mins. The inside seems to be a touch warmer than the surface of the inner wall. I tested with drinks - it takes over 1 hr to get the water cold, 8 hrs to be frozen. So, it takes some time for the cooling to happen from the inner wall to the food/drinks inside, like most home refrigerators. I suggest powering the freezer the night before your activity. This will ensure that the freezer has reached a temperature lower than room temperature - thus reducing the time needed to cool the next day.

    I don't have solar panel, so I have not tried the solar charging method. However, this charging method would be ideal for this product since it is mostly used outdoors. I tried charging it by using the wall outlet, it takes about 4 hrs to fully charge. The battery lasted a bit over 10 hrs when using it at the 'L' setting, which is instructed in the manual. I will test it again through the car cigarette output - this requires the setting to be at the 'H' mode. This setting is used to prevent your battery from draining. I need more time to test all the settings, but overall this product has met most of my expectations.

  3. Built in Charge controller for Solar use. review by David Park on 6/12/2018

    First of all the team at ACO are the nicest people. They just want you to be happy and they are very helpful. I purchased the 40A and it had enough room to fit all my beer, meat, and soda and veggies. More than enough room for 2-3 days off grid. The battery lasted about 11 hours at 0 degree Celsius. @-20 all my water bottles froze and the battery lasted about 5-6 hours. It’s quiet and uses an LG compressor. I took it offroad on some rough roads and it held up great. I recommend you plug in the AC 110 outlet and prechill it 10 hours before your trip. That will ensure you keep the fridge cool and energy efficient. It comes with the AC charger, Carport charger, and solar panel connector. I charged this with the ACOPOWER 120watt Solar panel and it was able to keep thebattery topped off while there was sunlight. The solar charging works great cause the fridge has a built in charge controller so you won’t need one on your panel. All in all it’s a great portable off grid ready fridge/freezer.

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