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ACOPOWER  200 Watt Foldable Solar Panel Kit with 10A PWM Charge Controller

ACOPOWER 200 Watt Foldable Solar Panel Kit with 10A PWM Charge Controller


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ACOPOWER 100W Foldable Solar Panel Kit with Waterproof 20A Charge Controller


ACOPOWER Portable Ice Maker 1.8-Liter Water Reservoir

ACOPOWER 200 Watt Foldable Solar Panel Kit with 10A PWM Charge Controller

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  • Battery Ready: Grade A monocrystalline solar panels with 20A waterproof charge controller, MC4 connector, and alligator clips makes this product an ideal option for 12V battery charging
  • Portable: Four 50W solar panels attached in pairs for portability. Case design facilitates transportation and helps keep solar panel safe when storing
  • Easy Set-up: Pre-installed stand allows for easy and quick set-up. MC4 connectors or Anderson plug allow easy installation to RV or battery unit
  • Detailed Design: Aluminum frame, corner protectors, lock-latches, and carrying handle make this a lightweight and portable product
  • For pre-wired RV or Camper please search SAE adapter at https://goo.glWuT6PN

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ACOPOWER All Black 200W Mono Foldable Solar Panel with Charge Controller is the key component to a system when going solar Off -Grid system. These panels are relatively compact and are a breeze to set up. Whether you are going camping in the mountains or taking a trip to the beach, this panel can be a great start to your off-grid system! This panel has several uses including marine, dry camp, RVS and other off-grid applications.

ACOPOWER Provides cost-effective solar panels and Free Professional Engineering Services.

Main Features:
•Well-built structure folding and portable.
•High efficiency conversion rate solar cells
•20A charge controller
•Could charge 12V deep cycle battery: AGM, Flooded, GEL, Sealed with built-in charge controller by clamps (red) to (positive) and (black) to (negative
•Could charge generator: connecting MC4 connectors to generator’s adapter •Could charge both generator and battery at the same time
•Pre-wired and installed, battery or generator ready kit •Allow build a parallel solar panel system by MC4 connectors with additional pv panel (Max 200W)
•Mounting pre-installed, set up in 1 min without tools •Waterproof for any weather conditions
•Portable and suitcase design
•Electronic protection from overheating, over charging, over discharging,

Peak Power (Pmax):2*100Wp
Peak Circuit Voltage(Voc):21.1V
Max Power Voltage(Vmp):17.6V
Short Circuit Current(Isc):12.34A
Max Power Current(Imp):11.43A
Power Tolerance Range:0~ +3%
Dimension: Folded size: 39.6 x 26.4 x1.4 inches
Weight:48.8 lb
Working Current: 10A
Working Mode: PWM Charging


Additional Information

Cell Type Mono
Watt 101-200
Voltage 12V
Panel Type Foldable
Color No
Applications Type Foldable Suitcases
Controllers PWM
  1. and it works beautifully. review by FamC on 5/24/2018

    It is a little big and heavy, but fits perfectly in the storage compartment of my travel trailer. I bought the SAE connector, as my TT has a Zamp plug, and it works beautifully.

  2. ... I ordered this item because i found that it’s useful and very good product since i imported it and ... review by ACOPower Customer on 3/20/2018

    In short words I ordered this item because i found that it’s useful and very good product since i imported it and until it reached me it didn’t take too much time and arrived me in very good condition

  3. nice case, and ACOPower is responding to my questions ... review by William K. on 3/13/2018

    Have not used kit yet,Well built,nice case,and ACOPower is responding to my questions adequately.So far so good.When folded solar panels face out with storage for cables and mounted,wired controller inside.Battery temperature sensor not included,but reasonable price and available.

  4. Works well, but it’s BIG! review by Eric L Roe on 2/24/2018

    I tried my foldable ‘suitcase’ solar set up today. It is big, bulky, and fairly heavy. It worked like a champ though. I liked being able to move the panels around to follow the sun and keep optimum charge current. The supplied cord is long enough to reach under my Class A RV so I was able to move it to the sunny side.

    My test was that I charged my 2 6volt batteries yesterday and then unplugged from shore power and turned on my inverter to run my residential refrigerator over night. Then when the sun came up I plugged in the solar panel but left the fridge running. The solar panel charged the batteries and kept the fridge running. By sun down the batteries were fully charged.

    Cons: the controller is a pain to see, and lifting the panels to look at it will change to numbers. They are big and quite heavy. Not easy to move while opened for repositioning. 2 people helps for moving them.

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