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ACOPOWER 400Wh Generator and 105W Portable Solar Panel - acopower

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Customer reviews

ots of power in a small, light package. I am using it for my CPAP machine while camping. Note, using the AC outlet for CPAP will cause quicker battery drain. Get the approved DC adapter (cigarette lighter plug) for your CPAP and use the cigarette lighter socket supplied with the ACOPOWER. That way you will have DC power to DC power and it lasts much longer.

This product is amazing, thank God I ordered it before hurricane Maria hit us here in PR. My main purpose was to be able to power my grandma's positional bed because she had a stroke and can't move, but in this emergency and still having no power at all we are using it for everything and we charge it in the car or in other house that has a generator. When buying this product don't only think camping, think emergency too.