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By Wilson Wang 6 months ago 2197 Views No comments

ACOPower Monocrystalline Portable Folding Solar Panels are a high power yielding solar solution to your battery charging needs. Portable solar panels are simple to use, compact, and great for areas where generators are prohibited. It has the solar panels, charge controller and cables. Portable Solar Panels are a fantastic option for Solar Camping as they allow you to take the conveniences of home with you when you head outdoors in your caravan, camper trailer or camping setup. On a typical sunny day, the folding nature of these panels means that you can expect to receive 6-8 hours of sunlight that will become power for your batteries and appliances no matter where you are. The high quality ACOPower Portable Solar Panels are even able to maximise the amount of power generated in low light situations, meaning that you can still be self-sufficient on those cloudy days. When you are on your next camping adventure, you need a battery charging system that is easy to pack away and will fit among all your other gadgets and belongings. The folding solar panels pack down to become flat, compact and lightweight and can be placed wherever you have room in your car, campervan or trailer. If you have any interest, just feel free to contact with us sales@acopower.com.