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I was disappointed that my unit could not accommodate a standard foam ...

I was disappointed that my unit could not accommodate a standard foam ...
By . G. HSIEH 1 years ago 677 Views No comments

I just recently purchase an Acopower P40A Portable Solar Fridge. This is was a replacement for another brand refrigerator/freezer that stop working after three years of light use. After buying this model, I was disappointed that my unit could not accommodate a standard foam food container. This resulted in wanting to upgrade in size. The upgrade size offered by the same company was $800. In shopping around, I found the Acopower P40A Solar Fridge Freezer for $600. I was able to connect the manufacturer by phone to ask questions about their unit. The following Acopower P40A features that my old refrigerator did not have:

* Large interior to accommodate a standard food container. This was a must

* Wheels and handle - This is very helpful, because we use our refrigerator on our vacation and take it to our hotel room.

* Digital control, where you set the desire temperature. My previous refrigerator only had a power dial to control the temperature. So you never knew how cold was the unit was inside. I can remember on a long driving trip, trying to keep our food refrigerated, the food was actually was frozen not knowing how high to set the power dial.

* Our car has power on, even when the car is not running. The unit has an auto shut off not to over drain the battery. The refrigerator can run 6-8 hours before it shut down.

* A backup battery when you not near your car or an electrical outlet.

* The option to run off of solar power. Since we don't go camping, this is not a feature we will be using. The required solar panels do not come with the unit.

My first test of the unit was to plug to an electrical outlet to see how fast it took to get to 20F. This only took 25 minutes. All of these portable refrigerators and freezers work best if the food items are refrigerated or frozen. The does a great job maintaining food that is already cold or frozen. Example, freezing food from room temperature may take up to 8 hours. This is a five stars find!