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Solar Charger Pack

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so if it could keep up with almost 17 hours straight transmitting at 100W I'm sure it will do just fine using it for what I intended on using it ...

By Daniel J. Lundwall 2 years ago 740 Views No comments

Where does one start when they purchased something that they needed and the product went above and beyond expectations?! That's where I'm gonna start with this one. :-) I purchased this ACOPOWER 100W portable solar panel kit, with two 12v 22ah batteries (Mighty Max ML22-12) to make an electrical system for my ham radio. I received it in short order (Thanks Amazon and Acopower) and took it with me to the 2018 ARRL Ham Radio Field Day, where 40 thousand ham radio operators around the US participate in. From Saturday at 12pm noon until 7pm that evening I was running SOLELY on the solar system. I did not have to use the generators as the other stations did. Even at 7pm I could have gone longer but I didn't want the batteries to go below 12.4 volts, which is what they were at 7pm. I ran on generator power until 5am the next morning when I put the solar system back in place. At 5am I did not get direct sunlight, but it was enough to get those batteries charging.

ACOPOWER Top performer in side-by-side portable solar panel tests

By SerendipRV 2 years ago 917 Views No comments

With a need for lightweight portable Solar I purchased three highly rated "foldable" Solar Panel kits from three different companies on Amazon to test, compare and attempt to find the best. I tested the ACOPOWER 105W alongside a Goal Zero Nomad 100W and an ALLPOWERS 80W in mid-morning, midday and afternoon sun in late March in Arizona for several days. While each panel had different features I liked, the goal of the testing was to find efficiency: which panel would capture the most solar energy under the same conditions in side-by-side tests.