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ACOPOWER 220Wh Portable Solar Generator Power Source for Camping

ACOPOWER 220Wh Portable Solar Generator Power Source for Camping
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ACOPOWER 220Wh Portable Solar Generator Brings You A New Lifestyle

Store solar energy or AC power in a portable box and use it anytime anywhere. It is a great travel companion for outdoor enthusiasts and it comes in handy in power failures as well.

Up to 200W running/250W starting of power in a portable, silent and zero-emissions electric generator of ACOPower, and it requires no electrical know-how to simply charge the unit via AC wall adaptor or 15V above solar panels.

Meanwhile, it is a gas-free generator with a pure sine wave output to efficiently power up your tablets, iPhone, iPad, laptops, fans, TV, lights and CPAP machine (use DC-DC converter from your CPAP would get longer hours) without overload, perfect emergency backup power for home/ travel/ camping.

What do you get in the box?

1x ACOPower Generator, 1x Power Charger Adapter, 1x Cigarette Socket, 1x AC Cable, 1x Car Charger Cable and 1x User Manual.

All-in-One Power Station

Huge Capacity Battery with 3 Ways of Charging

With 60,000 mAh capacity, this portable generator powers up your smartphone, laptop, appliances and more with AC, DC and USB charging.

Enjoy a Greener Life with Solar Energy

When pairing with a solar panel, the portable generator can be your personal power station, generating clean power wherever you go.


AC Adapter: 12V~20V (Min 15W, Standard: 15V/4.5A)

Car Charger: 12V

Solar Panel: 12V~24V (Min 30W) 5.5mm Ports


AC output: 100V-110V/60HZ/200W (Pure Sine)

AC Continous Ouput: 200W

AC Peak Ouput: 250W

USB Output: 5V/2*3.1A (Max)

DC Output: 12V/2*5A (7A Peak) 5.5mm Ports


To protect the lithium battery inside, the ACOPower 220Wh Power Source couldn't charge and recharge at the same time.

It can be reset when plugged into a charging source (e.g., an AC outlet or car charger).