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ACOPOWER 220Wh Portable Solar Generator Battery

ACOPOWER 220Wh Portable Solar Generator Battery


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ACOPOWER 220Wh Portable Solar Generator Battery

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  • Solid Solar Generator: a full charge of 4-5 hours with ACOPOWER 50w suitcase PV panel ASIN: B06WWQHV2T; other compliable ACOPower PV chargers are from 30w to 70w as options; another 2 ways charging by AC 110V wall outlet, or DC car charger. No more accessories are needed, start to use/recharge it in two seconds
  • Portable & Safety: light weight of 6.7 lbs, mini size of 9.8*6.3*3.4in built in high energy density lithium ion battery, safer than normal Li-ion battery; stronger storage ability, 1.5 times of other lithium batteries. It has short-circuit protection as well as overcharging protection and discharging protection, and a cooling fan is built in to avoid over-heating
  • Versatile Output: charge regulator included, DC/AC inverter included, 2 USB ports for phones and ipads, 1 AC 110v inverters for home electronics charging with low losses, 2 DC Ports for lighting (Please note: stop charging when you are going to use the outputs.)
  • Outdoor or UPS: the portable solar generator was designed for camping and UPS. A capacity of 220wh for most of the camping devices. A full charge supports 5.5 hours laptop/tablet, 6 hours 30-60w mini fridge, 8 hours electric fan, 10 hours 20w light, 11 times ipad mini, 32 times smartphone, and 95 hours 2w electric razor
  • What You Get: portable power supply, AC wall charger, car charging cable, solar charging cable, and user manual. Technical support and excellent customer service based on California USA. 100% satisfaction guarantee. 2 year warranty.

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ACOPOWER 220WH Solar Generator is one of our most popular lithium energy storage products. It features small size, simple design as well as its pure sine wave which protects your devices at its most. This portable solar generator has built-in solar charging controller and 200W Pure Sine Wave AC inverter.

ACOPOWER 220Wh 110V/60HZ Portable Solar Generator

Capacity: 220Wh(60000mAh /3.7V)
High Quality LiPolymer Batteries
AC Output Voltage: 110±3%
Output Frequency: 60Hz±0.5Hz
Output Power: 200W (Pure Sine Wave)
Peak Output Power: 250W
DC 2×USB Port: 2×5V3.1A
2×DC Port: DC 9~12V/5A Max
Peration temperature: -20℃-60℃
Super Portable&Lightweight Weight:5.5LB
Anywhere. Widely Used For Indoor or Outdoor Such as Family, Office, Travel, Camping, ETC

Charge your devices with the most protections

· AC Output: three-prong AC output capable of delivering 200W of power and it does deliver pure sine wave thanks to the inverter inside the unit, which are preferred for many electronics and equals to the wave of grid-tie system.

Note: For the safety purpose, AC output would stop working while the battery is being charged.

· USB Outputs: Two USB outputs, one is 1.0A and the other is 2.1A

· DC Outputs: Two 12V DC outputs.

And One Car Port adapter is included for DC output.

Three Ways to Charge the battery

1. ACOPOWER 220Wh Can be Charged by Connecting a Compatible Solar Panel.
★You Can Use Standard Solar Panel ACOPOWER 20W~70W , ACOPOWER Foldable Solar Panel 2*30W and ACOPOWER Portable Solar Panel 50W 、70W 、Solar Charge Pack★
Note: if you would use the solar panel to charge it, an adapter is included and you do not need extra charge controller. Please choose the solar panel 20W-70W. The higher voltage may block charging.

2. ACOPOWER 220 Can be Charged by being Plugged Into a Regular AC Wall Outlet.

3. ACOPOWER 220 Can be Charged by Plugging Into Your Car Adapter.
How Long Can Charge Fully:
From AC wall charger (70W), 7~8 Hrs
From Solar Charger (50W), 5~6Hrs
From Solar Charger (70W), 4~5 Hrs Charge

Additional Information

Wh 220
AC Output Yes
DC Output USB, DC
Input Solar, Adapter, Car
  1. The small size review by Betty S. on 1/5/2018

    Good. I need some support. Problem in charging process. Do you have someone who talks Spanish? I speak English but it is far better in my own language. Thanks.

  2. Very nice customer service and great help from Nicole review by yue on 12/11/2017

    Very nice customer service and great help from Nicole. This product works great for solar panel generator, but PowerAdd 100watt solar panel. Good shipping time!

  3. Long lasting charge. review by gwilbur on 12/4/2017

    Very handy. Was able to keep my Aircurve 10 CPAP machine running all night.

  4. Great for CPAP off the grid for camping or when driving somewhere review by Helene Miller on 9/21/2017

    runs my CPAP off the grid perfectly. just has a fan running to keep the battery cool

  5. Get one review by ACOPower Customer on 8/11/2017

    Awesome powerpack. Camping? Don't leave home without it. Runs my usb mini fan all night that we were camping and it did not even went 50% capacity. I tried running a 110v small electric a.c. fan and it runs it too. Allows me to charge all my gadgets fast too.

  6. It works as advertised. You get what you pay for. review by John beck on 7/31/2017

    Would have gone with a 4.5 rating.

    Headed to the "wilds" of Nebraska to watch the eclipse. Planning to go a day early to beat the traffic and stay late to avoid traffic. Will be taking two smartphones, two iPads and a laptop (yes, we live or die with our electronics, cannot live off "of the grid"). Decided this "generator" aka (light weight, portable battery) would be an excellent way to prevent running down the car battery while keeping us "juiced".

    Immediately after getting it I tried it out.. Before buying I had read about various issues folks had so these issues were expected:
    - needing an extra cable to connect to solar panels (much to my surprise, mine came with the cable).
    - Cannot charge the "generator" and charge a device. you can only do one of these operations at a time.

    One issue I did have is that you cannot see the LED lights on the device when in bright sun. I seemingly could NOT get the solar panels to charge the device until i finally cupped my hands around the LED lights and sure enough, they were charging...

    It seems to work as advertised. i did run the laptop and an external 27" monitor for an hour and used about 30% of the charge.

    I also purchased a 12 volt 50W solar panel kit with this unit with the idea of being able to recharge the battery. I do not know how long it will take to fully recharge the battery in full sun but I am hopeful.

  7. So far, so good review by Big-Z on 3/21/2017

    So far with the limited testing I have done, it is a fine product. Nice to have on hand here in the mountains for the frequent power outages. I tested it charging my phone, and had a 3 w LED on the power supply for 20 hrs and still had two bars remaining.

  8. Excellent Generator review by albert on 1/3/2017

    I got this item, checked every detail, and it is well made. Tested all functions working so far except solar test. I charge this everyday at work. I usually power a two 12V LED lamp, and charge a cell phone with this item. When I needed something charged up. It can be charged with solar energy or AC charge, but do not charge at the same time, AC output 110V 60Hz, can power my small TV and computer, very good. I would recommend it to anyone. I also bought solar panel HY020-20M from the same company. I will buy another after hooking up solar panel it. A+

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